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According to the APDT a dog trainer “will stay informed about innovations in dog training and behavior tools and techniques.”

At U GOOD DOG U, we are always learning and love to share our knowledge with dog owners and their families.

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What do dogs need?
• Dogs need socialization with lots of people and other dogs
• Dogs need exercise, play and mentally stimulating games
• Dogs need a place of his own – like a crate or bed
• Dogs need regular veterinary care
• Dogs need Positive Puppy and Dog Training – your dog learns every time you interact with him

Why use positive dog training?
• Positive dog training builds a strong bond of trust between your dog and you
• Positive dog training uses the most current research about behavior and learning
• Positive dog training accounts for the dog’s physical and emotional well-being
• Positive dog training is humane (punishment methods are negative and based on fear)
• Positive dog training encourages the dog to excel because he expects good things

How does positive Dog Training work?

• Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding and avoid behaviors that are not rewarding
• At
U Good Dog U, we teach, acknowledge and reward the dog's desirable behaviors
• At U Good Dog U, prevent, ignore and re-direct the dog's undesirable behaviors
• The dog controls the consequences based on his/her behavior

U GOOD DOG U offers positive dog training for you and your dog or puppy, including Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience, Behavior Modification, and Reactive Dog Coping Skills. Contact Us for private dog training in your home, or we can board and train in my home.  We serve Mars Hill, Weaverville, North Asheville, West Asheville, Biltmore Forest, Candler, Montford, Merrimon Ave, Woodfin, Beaver Lake and Grove Park, Buncombe and Madison Counties.
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